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Dr. Surekha Bhargava

A simple housewife who became a direct selling legend with Modicare, Dr. Surekha Bhargava's story motivates millions in the country. She's a leader, author, and PhD holder who traveled to 56+ countries. She has worked for more than 23 years in the direct selling industry.

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Dr. Philip Singh & Mrs. Neena Daminder

Didn’t think switching shop to Modicare and helping others to do the same could give me all the luxuries in life and ensure a brighter tomorrow for my future generations. From an aeronautical engineer to a multi-millionaire, I saw my dreams turn into a reality with Modicare!

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A major player in the industry, Modicare is driven by a passion to empower the dreamer within you. Our story is led by leaders, innovators, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs who cared deeply about giving everyone a stage where they could have the independence to envision the best life for themselves. At the forefront of this azadi revolution, our Founder and Managing Director Mr. Samir Modi works towards a vision of enabling India to have financial freedom.

The Visionary

27+ yrs

Est. in 1996 with the vision of giving financial freedom


cheque earners every month




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Growth in last 4 years


Average new consultants joining everyday

All you need is your phone

Be it your phone or any other device, Modicare empowers you with all the tools required to take your business towards success. From intuitive web dashboards to on-the-go mobile applications, you can manage you business anytime from anywhere in the world. The constantly updated Digital Training Hub gives you unlimited access to all product training modules at your fingertips.

Best in class web platform
Best in class web platform
Modicare Mobile App
Modicare Mobile App
SPBM Digital Training Hub
SPBM Digital Training Hub

As the name implies it means selling directly to end-consumers. Direct Selling is recognised as dynamic marketing approach to the sale of products and services directly to the consumers through Independent Distributors, also known as 'Direct Sellers'.

In Direct Selling, Direct Sellers earn money by selling high-quality products and/or services and there is no provision that a Direct Seller will receive remuneration or incentives for the recruitment/ enrolment of new participants. The cost of starting as a Direct Seller is zero. A Pyramid/Ponzi Scheme is a multi-layered network of subscribers to a scheme formed by subscribers enrolling one or more subscribers in order to receive any benefit, directly or indirectly, as a result of enrolment, action or performance of additional subscribers to the scheme. The subscribers enrolling further subscriber(s) occupy higher position and the enrolled subscriber(s) lower position, thus, with successive enrolments, they form multi-layered network of subscribers. Such Ponzi Schemes have no legal sanctity in the eyes of laws.

We have more than 300 Products in 12 Categories viz. Nutrition, Health & Wellness, Colour Cosmetics, Home care, Laundary Care, Personal care, Skin Care, Food & Beverages, Agriculture, Baby Care, Auto Care, Imitated Jewelry, Literature, Apparels etc.

Our business model is built on personal customer service and product recommendations from a Modicare Consultant. It's a person to person business where our Modicare Consultants take care of their customers by giving high quality service and explaining the features, benefits and usage of the products. Hence, our Modicare Consultants don't sell products neither in Retail Stores nor online.

No. Modicare Direct Sellers (also known as Modicare Consultants) are not required to stock Modicare Products.

No, Modicare does not charge any fee to register as Modicare Consultant.

No. Husband and Wife can become Applicant and Co-Applicant in the same registration. Husband can be an Applicant with Wife as Co-Applicant or Vice Versa.

No, there's no requirement to spend money on Trainings and Events. We provide various training tools/sessions to Modicare consultants free of cost through live webinars, Learning Management System and Live Presentation in our Training Rooms.

Modicare Consultants make money when their customers buy Modicare Products from them and when others in their Modicare network sell products to their customers and/or self-consume the products. To know about Modicare's compensation plan, please click here. Bonuses earned by Modicare Consultants varies widely and is dependent on how much time and effort they consistently put in the Modicare Business.

No. You can start making money through retail profits without recruiting. Simply put, you earn money when you and your network sell products.

We offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on our products, wherever specified.
i. If a Customer is not completely satisfied, he/she may return the product to the Modicare Consultant for a 100% refund for the product within 7 days of original purchase.
ii. A Modicare Consultant can return such products back to the company within 30 days of its purchase. The Product Refund Policy is applicable on saleable products as well as partially used products, wherein not more than 25% of the product has been used.

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